Does anyone else work in oil and gas on the drilling rigs?

Discussion in 'Freemasonry In Texas' started by Chris H., Mar 24, 2018.

  1. Chris H.

    Chris H. Premium Member

    I work in the oil and gas industry on the drilling rigs. I don’t work a set schedule as far as having days off go. I’m currently working in Coushatta Louisiana. I was just wondering if anyone else works the same hours. That would be willing to help me with studying.

    My 12 hour shifts makes it difficult to find someone to work with. Now working in a different state makes it that much more difficult.


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  2. hfmm97

    hfmm97 Premium Member

    I would suggest that you talk to your lodge first-if your lodge is in Texas, you would need to work with a Texas Mason
    as Louisiana Masonic ritual is somewhat different than Texas Masonic ritual. Good luck .
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  3. Brother JC

    Brother JC Vigilant Staff Member

    The roughnecks I know are all retired, I was working triples back in the early ‘80s.
    Good luck.
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