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Excellent read.

BullDozer Harrell

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Much agree. His follow up "Why this confusion in the temple" and then "Laudable Pursuit" by The Knights of the North are all in the same genre and speaks to some of the issues we see in Masonry and possible solutions. All can be found online by a quick google search.


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How do we tell when the model of Freemasonry based on Grand Lodges has reached the end of its life cycle?

How do we tell if the GAOTU is still interested in the modern institution of Freemasonry?

Is it time for death and rebirth of Freemasonry? New wine in new bottles?

We will not see it since we are invested in it. I belive that the death of freemasonry will like when the elusian mysteries died.

The last 2-3 hundred years it had no enlightenment to give, but was popular due to its staus and impressive rite. When the culture then changed and it was forbidden by the roman emperor it quickly dissapeared and no one had any intrest in keeping it alive in secret.

In the same way the culture that will come after our current one will not really understand our symbols and way of thinking. Because of this this freemasonry will be hollow and without real meaning. Then a sudden gust of wind will come and blow it all away.


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Do you think freemasonry will be transformed into this green version or will a separate system with green focus emerge and replace freemsonry?