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    Very recently, a friend of mine (who just got initiated) had a great aunt that passed away. While going through her house, the found a sword that he believed to be of Masonic affiliation. He asked me about it and I confirmed that it was one used in the Commandery. Pretty old too. Well, my buddy literally gave me the sword which I am cherishing since I am new to the Commandery.

    After some preliminary research, the sword was made between 1882 and 1925. The name on the sword is of a man that has a well known family name in our community (two counties). I have pretty much confirmed who the guy is, and that he was from Llano, TX which is the next county over. What I am wanting to do is find out some of his Masonic history. I haven't gotten a chance to make contact with anyone from Llano lodge or Commandery, which may take a bit of time. Does anyone know if I can send an email to the Grand Commandery asking about his years of service and positions that he held, or do I need to go through someone in my Commandery first? Just wanting to know the proper ettiquite (for some reasaon can't spell that word today,
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    First, don't worry about protocols, you would not be violating any.

    Have you checked the Grand Commandery website? The GC has done a huge upgrade over the past year and the information may be there. Look at the particular Commandery you know he was in. The fact that the sword has his name on it may indicate he was a Past Commander, many of those are listed.

    I would then contact the local Commandery, or better yet, attend one of their stated meetings, you might find his picture on the wall.

    If you need further help, contact me.
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