Grand Lodge Above

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    Pat & Bill had been Lodge Brothers for many years.

    They had promised each other long ago that the first to go to the Grand Lodge above would return to tell the other whether there really were Lodges in Heaven and what they were like.

    By and by, it came to pass that Bill went first.

    One day shortly after, Pat was working in his garden when he heard a whispered voice,

    " Pssst Pat!"

    He looked around but saw nothing.

    A few moments later he heard, now quite clearly

    " Pat! Its me, Bill!"

    "Bill" Pat exclaimed, " are you in Heaven?"

    " Indeed I am " said Bill.

    Pat paused for a while to get over the shock and then said

    " Well, Bill, are there Lodges up there in Heaven?"

    "There certainly are, Pat. There are Lodges all over and they are quite magnificent, equal or better to Great Queen Street. The meetings are well attended, the ritual is word perfect, the festive board fantastic and the spirit of Masonic Fellowship is all pervasive."

    " My goodness, Bill," said Pat, " It certainly sounds very impressive but for all that you seem rather sad. Tell me old friend, what is the matter."

    " Well, Pat, you are right. I have some good news and some bad."

    " OK, What's the good news?"

    " The good news is that we are doing a 3rd Degree this coming Wednesday"

    "Great" said Pat. " What's the bad news then?"

    " You're the Senior Deacon! "

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