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Grand Master of Peru and CMI President Suspended For Five Years

by Christopher Hodapp

Eulogio Mario Carreras Vásquez, Grand Master of the Gran Logia AA:. LL:. & MM:. del Peru (Grand Lodge of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Peru), has just been suspended from the fraternity by his own grand lodge for a five year sentence after conviction of charges brought against him. The nature of those charges has not, as yet, been revealed outside of their Justice Committee.

The booting of an occasional grand master here and there is not an entirely shocking revelation, but it adds a bit of timeliness to the other big story this week: Until his suspension, the 73-year-old Vásquez was also the President of the
Confederación Masónica Interamericana, or CMI (the Inter-American Masonic Confederation), a cooperative association of regular Masonic grand lodges primarily in Central and South America.

The Grand Lodge of Peru is on the list of thirteen grand lodges which just lost amity with the Grand Lodge of Florida regarding a dispute over the legitimacy of the Grand Orient of Paraguay and its membership in CMI. (See HERE and HERE.)

Eulogio Mario Carreras Vásquez, now-former Grand Master
of the Grand Lodge of Peru (Photo: GL of Peru website)

A declaration was issued on January 30th by his successor, MW Luis Antonio Tipacti Peña, the former Deputy Grand Master, without any details as to the nature of his violation of Masonic law. It only says, the "ruling by the Special Court was in accordance with the provisions of Article 53 of the Code of Justice and Masonic Procedure," and that the judgement was over a "complaint presented by the RW Jose luis Echevarria Fano against MW Eulogio Mario Carreras Vásquez, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Peru." (Click the documents below to enlarge.)

No word as yet as to who will succeed him as President of CMI.

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