Is physics possible without philosophy? - Contra Tyson

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    That isn't what is meant by "accurate" by those who get fetishistic over "physical LAWS". If it's subject to revision and replacement, it's not some kind of eternal "law", it's just an ephemeral model.

    At one time, it was a "law" of physics that objects in motions will come to rest. No exceptions. No provision for need for force to bring them to rest. At one time, it was a "law" of physics that matter and energy are conserved SEPARATELY from each other and that they are not interconvertable. Two models accepted as "law". Two models no longer accepted. The concept of a "physical law" as something we not only can state but also know must be true NO MATTER WHAT is a silly little lie that needs to be put to bed.

    It is not mere disbelief that exterminated all the abandoned "laws" of science. It is that they turned out to not match later evidence. Reality is beyond our perfect summation in silly little "laws". Leave such thinking to the 19th-century dead and to people who do not actually do science for a living.

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