Looking for a Lodge in Kissimmee, FL area

Discussion in 'Finding a Prince Hall Lodge' started by BroPowell1128, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. BroPowell1128

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    Hey Brothers,

    I am in process of moving to Kissimmee, FL and looking for a PHA lodge. I won't be able to demit straight forward due to the move and having somethings to take care of. But I would like to visit at times. Please if anyone knows of one, send me a message or reply to the thread. Thank you!
  2. mrpierce17

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    Greetings brother I can help you out with that I hail from MWUGLofFL
    you can leave a message on the website contact us section or if you like I can try to get the DDGM number for you he can put you in contact with a WM in that area if you like send me a pm and we can definitely get the ball rolling


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