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Love your self


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Is what the light told me, Greetings , hello there and hi to you all , my Name is Sean, But you can call me MPezant , I'm not a Freemason myself but came across this site when i was searching autism and freemasonry, and noticed the extraordinary work you guys have been doing and the money raised for people in the autism community , i my self was diagnosed with Asperger in the last few years so thought id sign up to see what freemasonry was all about


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No, it's not quite like that.

You have only joined the forum at

It does not mean that you're a Freemason now.

To become a Freemason there are different options and procedures depending on where you live.

However do NOT give out your address on a public website.

I do not live in the US, but perhaps some of the brothers from the US (I assume that you live in the US) may help out with some advice.

Keith C

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Welcome to the forum.

To become a Freemason you need to get in touch with a Lodge close to you. You do not say where you are located. If you are in the US just google "Grand Lodge of (State Name)" and you should be able to find the Grand Lodge for your State, both the so called "State" Grand Lodge and "Prince Hall" Grand Lodge should show up in the search. On the website for the Grand Lodges there should be a directory of local Lodges and perhaps a way to make contact and make known your desire to connect witth a Lodge.

Good Luck in your journey.