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  1. johnvranos

    Freemasonry moral values, secret or not?

    Hello all, I am not a Freemason, but I am interested in becoming one. I study various Freemasonic moral values, I find in the Internet, written by Freemasons. I try to apply them every day. An example is the following: The following is what I believe is a list of what modern Freemasons...
  2. MPezant

    Love your self

    Is what the light told me, Greetings , hello there and hi to you all , my Name is Sean, But you can call me MPezant , I'm not a Freemason myself but came across this site when i was searching autism and freemasonry, and noticed the extraordinary work you guys have been doing and the money...
  3. CLewey44

    From Russia, with (brotherly) love Nice gesture of brotherly love throughout the world and within our fraternity.
  4. Matt Ross

    Open Installation of Officers - Battle Creek No. 12

    Good afternoon Brethren, I cordially invite you to Battle Creek Lodge No. 12 for an Open Installation of Officers on the 20th of January, 2020. We will be installing officers for the 2020-2021 year. The installation begins at 7:00 PM at Battle Creek Masonic Center located at: 133 E Michigan...
  5. SivadSemaj

    Rev. George Oliver Review Request

    Good evening Brothers, I'm looking to find some review of the Reverend George Oliver's various works. Many (if not all) can be found here for sale: I'm...
  6. Matt Ross

    National Treasure!

    How many of you guys have had the chance to see how Freemasonry is depicted in National Treasure?!?! I'll admit, while the theory that Freemasons are direct descendants of the Knights of the Crusades is a a bit weird, it actually puts Freemasonry in a really positive light. The study of the...
  7. Matt Ross

    What Are the Top Questions YOU Get as A Master Mason?

    Good afternoon Brethren! My name is Matt Ross and I am a Master Mason of the Free and Accepted Masons of Michigan in the United States. I am in the process of starting a YouTube channel to put to rest some of the myths and questions about the fraternity and to discuss Freemasonry in an engaging...
  8. jasmith116

    I was initiated last week.

    Brethren, My name is Jake. I was initiated last Tuesday, the 11th, with another Brother and had the pleasure of watching yet another Brother join our fraternity yesterday. All three of us are thirty or younger, but about as different as three people can be. I love it. From the day I got my...
  9. Squire Bentley

    We Revisit Concert Pianist Brother Hando Nahkur

    Freemason Hando Nahkur discusses his homeland, Estonia, how and why he became a Mason and what the life of a Concert Pianist studying for his Doctorate is like. Along the way we get to watch him perform.
  10. Beehive Mason

    Who Knows?

    WM E MCCRAW·MONDAY, MARCH 5, 2018 Who Knows the answer to the question that has historically been plaguing every generation of Freemasonry, since at least the industrial age? I sure don’t; but I am willing to discuss it; to continue to try to discover an answer (right or wrong)... So, what’s...
  11. Squire Bentley

    Spare Wheel Or Steering Wheel

    Spare Wheel Or Steering Wheel FEBRUARY 9, 2018 BY FRED MILLIKEN LEAVE A COMMENT (EDIT) Perhaps you remember from previous articles Sister R. Lucille Samuel, Grand Princess Captain of the Lone Star Grand Guild, Heroines of the Templars Crusade of Texas, PHA Texas. Well, Sister Samuel has moved...
  12. LeoValMer05

    Freemasonry's History of Puerto Rico

    -Before I start, I wish to say that the history presented here belongs more to the Scottish Rite. The York Rite arrived later to Puerto Rico. There are no lodges from the Swedish Rite in Puerto Rico. Moreover, the lodges name will be written in Spanish as most are called in such language.- The...
  13. Beehive Mason

    Installation of Officers

    Join us for the Public Masonic Ceremony of the Installation of Officers in Golden Spike Lodge № 6 Free and Accepted Masons of Utah for the ensuing Masonic term of 2018. Date: Thursday, December 14th, 2017 Start Time: 7pm ---- Open to the Public Location: Cramer (Blue) Room Ogden Masonic Temple...
  14. Dennis R

    Hello from Louisiana

    Hey Brethren, I live in the Northshore area District 14. I also am a member of The Valley of New Orleans. I'm looking forward to traveling to other states and visiting with others. I do a lot of traveling on my Harley with the wife.
  15. Beehive Mason

    OMT turns 50!

    You are hereby Cordially Invited to attend this Historic Event!... The Ogden Masonic Temple Opens its doors to the Public and Celebrates the Golden Anniversary of its current location. 50 Years of Family, Friends, Fraternity, Community, and Charity ! Saturday, October 28th, 2017 From 1PM to...
  16. R

    Why do we start a perambulation with our Left Foot?

    Why do we start the perambulation with our left foot. I have been asking this question for quite sometime but never got or found any answer. In Hindu culture, when we enter a Temple we always step of with our right foot so I am not sure if there are any religious significance to this?
  17. CLewey44

    'The Elitist Inside'

    I saw this on TMR podcast on Youtube and wanted to share it. Any thoughts?
  18. 88DAM88

    Who are these Fellows?

    In the Entered Apprentice degree "liturgy" and proficiency we find the word fellows " . . . among Brothers and Fellows . . ," " . . . as all Brothers and Fellows . . . " Does Fellows in these passages refer to Fellow Crafts? Or to, perhaps, Odd Fellows? If Fellow Crafts, does this imply that an...
  19. JJones

    Dues That Still Don't

    Here's the latest post in my blog! I hope you brothers enjoy it.
  20. JJones

    Masonic Improvement: Creating A Vision And Goals

    My latest blog post is in! I hope everyone enjoys it.