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    Our lodge (Wylie) is sponsoring a luncheon for our military troops and families on Dec 6. The donations and contributions have been crazy great! We're going to feed approx. 200 persons and we're even providing "Santa" for the kids. The unit is very surprised and grateful for what we're doing, but we say that we just want to give back to them for what they do for us. OK... so I'm retired Army. Maybe that kinda gets me personally involved in this! Ha ha We've received 25 Hams, 5 Turkeys and all the trimmings. We're still being given gift cards by many of our local merchants. This is going to be a "home run" I believe. It's taking a little logistical support among our brethren as this is right on the heels of our annual GL in Waco! It's all good and have plenty of people running with the ball til we get back. Really looking forward to this and looks like we just might try and make this an annual event for them.
    I've picked up a full plate this year cause I'm also in charge of putting together our "military appreciation" dinner and ceremony at our HELLA shrine. That one has been keeping me real busy for a couple of months with getting our guest speaker and special guests (Miss Tx., 3 Generals, wounded warriors, Gold Star Families and 10 State representatives). I was "this close" to having Taya Kyle and Chris Kyle's parents attend, but it fell thru at last minute. Oh well, I think I'm going to take a LONG break after this and let someone else run with it. LOL

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