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new newber


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hello..can i know about freemason in stay pahang right now...and how to become part of mason in KL?


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why i email them ask to how to join they dont reply?
How long has it been since you emailed them? The people answering the contact emails and phone numbers are volunteers and not full time staffed. There can be significant delays in response times.


Premium Member i ask to join this brotherhood?and what kind qualification need to join?
It will vary from place to place, but generally:
  • Over 18 in most places (some places 21 years of age)
  • Belief in a Supreme Being ("Supreme Being"is a masonic way of describing God).
  • Clear of any criminal convictions (some places any, some places clear of serious criminal convictions).
  • Be able to afford it (it is less expensive in most places than people thing. Here, $250 AUD to join (unusual), plus two annual fees - a Grand Lodge fee of $132 and a lodge fee determined by vote of each individual lodge, $200 to $300 per year being common - but it can be cheaper and more expensive in different countries).
  • Be of good Character and sound mind - and usually able to substantial it via references.
Other places might have other requirements, but all will thing you have to be a good man before you join Freemasonry.