Pennsylvania Lodge to offer different styled communications

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  1. Altoona, PA -- In an effort to appeal to the younger demographics, several lodges around Pennsylvania will be offering different types of stated communications.

    “We got the idea from some of the local churches that offer different worship times. You know, classic services at 8, contemporary services at 10, stuff like that,” said WB John Wayne Gracey, the master of Corinthian Lodge No 274. “So we decided that we would have a traditional communication at 6:30 for the older guys, and a more contemporary style communication at 7:30. You know, like casual dress, short form open and closing, and light music during the business portion.”

    While the membership at first seemed hesitant to embrace the changes, after a few months they started to see a definite difference in the meetings.

    “We had the older guys going to the traditional meetings, and they were happy to get out earlier. The contemporary meetings drew the guys with kids at home, who were able to pop out after dinner.”

    The different services… communications became so popular that Corinthian Lodge began offering a later communication, aimed at Millennials.

    “Yeah, the Millennial communication was more for the 20 and 30 year old guys who prefer the later hours. We don’t read minutes at that meeting, we broadcast them to their mobile devices. Also, the opening and closing are done on a big screen TV that we set up on the north wall. They do most of the business while texting, and after the meeting closes, we head downstairs for snacks and stuff.”

    WB Gracey noted that the Millennial communication, while popular with the younger guys, also had a few of the older guys who frequently showed up.

    “Yeah, it’s surprising that so many of the older guys were early adopters of much of the technology that we see now. Except that they aren’t quite as quick when using those flip phones,” he said.

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    Dont laugh.... that's kinda where our quarterly communications seem to be heading...
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    Castle Island... the future is now.
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    For the young guys - Modern English.

    For the middle aged guys - Middle English like Chaucer.

    For the old guys - Old Saxon like Beowulf.

    For the extremely ancient guys - Old Babylonian like Epic of Gilgamesh.

    For the Past Masters - Hrmmpf!


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