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Please help me to get in touch with James E. Chase Lodge #81

Good Afternoon Brothers,

My name is Bro. Reggie Williams, I was raised in October 2009 while serving in Camp Taji, Iraq. Since my return from theater, I was not able to contact anyone for any information. My unit redeployed without me receiving my Lambskin. I have been trying to contact anyone with information for reasons such as dues and demitting to where I live now, (Crofton, MD). I still have my birth certificate. I want to become become active with a local house, however, without my current dues card, demit letter, or any contact I cannot move forward. Can someone please assist me with becoming current or demitting. Thanks in advance Brothers.

Best Regard,
Reggie Williams

Brother JC

Moderating Staff
Staff Member
That lodge is listed as inactive on the grand lodge website. I recommend contacting the grand lodge directly.
Thank you Bro. JC. I have been contacting them and seems to never get anyone on the phone. I will call the lodge closest to them. If there id anymore information that you run across please send it my way.

Bro. Reggie


Premium Member
If you do not get through on the phone - write to them..

It would be good to check on what you have said, you were initiated into Freemasonry, did your third Degree but did not receive an Apron ? Or were you initiated and went no further ? The "Birth Certificate" - what Grand Lodge does it mention on it ?

And this is not the first time we have seen this happen

Looks like that Brother got sorted.. to a Lodge in TX