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  1. Keith C

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    I had a dinner meeting last night with our DDGM to go over my tentative plans for the next Masonic year when I will be WM of my Lodge.

    I came prepared with a spreadsheet, listing the tentative plans for Programs for each stated meeting, plans for some fellowship events and we had a great discussion. I was impressed by the level of support for some changes I would like to make in the way things are scheduled (one example; we currently have our Candidate instruction scheduled on the same day the the District School of Instruction meets, I suggested moving that to the day our LODGE Ritual instruction takes place.)

    He also asked me quite a few questions regarding the current situation in our Lodge, not only for his knowledge but somewhat of a test to see if I was aware of things "behind the scene."

    Finally he let me know some of the changes he understands our new RWGM will likely be making for next year so that I can be prepared and not be totally surprised when they are announced on December 27th.

    I was somewhat shocked when we got up to leave and I saw that 3 hours had passed during our discussions!

    I am even more looking forward to being in the East next year and delighted to know the DDGM has confidence in me, likes my plans and will be there to support me!
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    Best of luck to you, Bro. Keith as you prepare to move East. Your lodge will indeed be fortunate to have you.

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    Best of luck to you sitting in the East. Sounds like you are off to a great start.


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