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    Good idea! I will do this myself from now on.
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  2. Brother_Steve

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    We cannot have an open cipher during open lodge.

    We use them at rehearsal to perfect our work. That is the point of a rehearsal. Our ritual instructor is the only one to point out mistakes during rehearsal so we all don't talk over each other unless one of the senior officers catches a glaring mistake.

    The modes of recognition, words, grips and steps are omitted and must be taught in person.
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  3. Keith C

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    Exactly the same here.

    What I was referencing was 1:1 learning the degree work. Our ritual Instructors always have the book and use it. They do not rely on memory for the words, but have to for the mechanics as they are not recorded anywhere.
  4. Brother JC

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    Same in CA and NM.

    It’s funny, but the Navy taught me NOT to memorize. The parachute manuals were updated so frequently that if you were caught packing a chute by memory they would close the loft and make you verify every chute you had recently done.
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