Seeking advice about GLoTX (dual) affiliation

Discussion in 'Freemasonry In Texas' started by bro.william, Apr 17, 2019.

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    For completeness: Having gone through all the protocols the UGLE requires to introduce a member to the GLoTx, I just got word last night that my petition to Waco 92 was granted by the brethren there, so I am now on my way to having my membership formally processed. (And my wallet is $230 lighter!) Interestingly, I got word from their secretary via text that came through whilst I was sitting in my mother lodge witnessing a 3rd degree ceremony. Lovely timing.

    Let me say thanks to those here who took an interest and talked me through it, in particular Bro. Lins, whose explanation of the rules was especially valuable.

    Although it'll be several years before I'm there on a more permanent basis, I'll look forward to getting to know the guys better over time and getting a taste of Texas freemasonry as and when I can be in state.
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