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Texas MasoniCon 2018 - Early Bird Special Almost Over!


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BRETHREN: We are nearing the end of our early bird special for Texas MasoniCon! We are super excited about this event and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to jump in on it. We are flying in educational speakers from all over the state and country, and we'll have a whole day of education on September 15th. It's gonna be crazy.

Our keynote speakers are Michael Poll (NYT best-selling author & owner of Cornerstone Book Publishers), Piers Vaughan (PGHP of NYS), and Chuck Dunning (author of Contemplative Masonry and Superintendent of the Guthrie SR Academy of Reflection).

Our breakout speakers are Brad Billings (PM of the Texas Lodge of Research), David Bindel (PM of Jewel P. Lightfoot Lodge in Dallas), Larry Fitzpatrick (Chairman of the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education and Service), Pete Normand (PM of the Texas Lodge of Research & a founding member of the Scottish Rite Research Society), Roberto Sanchez (author of The True Masonic Experience), and John Tolbert (former DDGM and Briscoe Workshop lecturer).

Tickets are $45 until they go up to door pricing on August 15th! Residents of the Texas Masonic Retirement Center can register for free (just email us and we'll hook you up).

We've got vendors & swag, too. Buy their shiney things.

Our email is

You can register at