Trying to use Evidence to Evaluate Lodge Mergers

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    This might be of interest.. the numbers of Lodges are slightly off.. but it is still a decent overview I think...

    "Some will say a lodge merger is an excellent idea for two weak lodges, that they come together to form one strong lodge. While on occasion this might be true, I have generally observed that combining two weak lodges often simply results in one larger weak lodge. While a merger might be a short term strategy to address personnel or financial pressures, unless you address the underlying causes of the weaknesses, those issues that led to a merger are very likely to simply re-emerge."

    Read on..

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    I have watched weak lodges merge. Often a few years later they apply to merge again. A healthy lodge can absorb a weak lodge. Notice that some lodges are sick rather than weak. Whatever the sickness is, it could kill the larger lodge.

    Members, money, place to meet, line of officers, pipeline of candidates, active cadre of Past masters. If your weak lodge has some of that list, look for the merger to result in a complete list.
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    If the Lodge(s) in question are weak because of poor operating practices the merger won't fix anything unless they change how they manage their Lodge. But, hey, I hear a few One-Day-Classes and lower dues will do the trick.
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