Untempered Mortar

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    Frequently we are reminded that ours is a sacred band of Brothers, united by Brotherly Love and Affection, striving for peace and harmony. Surrounded by symbols, we wear the square and compasses proudly, along with the white apron, which proclaims us to be Freemasons. Likewise we wear our apron, and within the degrees are counseled how to wear it and to understand its various lessons.

    One important lesson can be found in the earliest degree in reference to "untempered mortar" and the cement uniting our Fraternity. The ancient Craftsmen were operative stonemasons who worked to create great cathedrals and other buildings. The cement, which they used, was critical in their constructions. When properly mixed, this cement would unite the stones, and would insure a stable, beautiful, and lasting edifice, but if mixed improperly, would doom a structure to cracks, decay, and ruin. Thus, "untempered mortar," or improperly mixed mortar, was never to be tampered with or used. This mixing and preparation required knowledge, care, and understanding, which the new apprentice had to acquire before progressing to be a master of his craft..

    To the speculative Mason, not tampering with untempered mortar carries a most significant charge for new apprentices, and Freemasons. We must constantly prepare ourselves carefully, weighing our thoughts, actions, and deeds so as to create a spiritual temple that is stable, beautiful, and lasting. Each choice made in life is a part of that mixture, adding strength or weakness, as the case may be, to the character and reputation we have. Due attention must be paid to gaining and applying knowledge, acting wisely, and reflecting upon our spiritual journey as Masons.

    As the apron protects our clothes from soiling, it is a reminder throughout the degrees, and evermore, that the purpose of the Craft is to achieve unity, peace, and happiness. Spotless conduct and character are goals, and the preparation and application of the mortar of Brotherly Love and Affection are what unite our Fraternity, now and forever.

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