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York Rite Equivalent of Morals and Dogma?

Brother Rogers

Registered User
Yesterday I took delivery of a physical copy of Morals and Dogma. I used to have a physical copy years ago, but someone disposed of it. I read M&D before I was made a Mason, and as I mentioned in another thread, it was the final impetus for me to petition Apollo #921 in Huntsville, AL.

As I held that venerable tome in my hand yesterday afternoon, I got to wondering: is there an equivalent book for the York Rite?

I do have one York Rite book: Light from the Sanctuary of the Royal Arch. I was fortunate enough to pick up a copy years ago (which I managed to keep hidden from the aforementioned destroyer). I see that copies are going for astronomical amounts on eBay!

So, brothers, especially York Rite brothers: what would you recommend for York Rite books, especially Chapter and Council? Is Light from the Sanctuary considered a good book, or are there others?

FWIW, I'm not a member of the York Rite. The local lodge I hope to join soon also hosts a Chapter and Council, so I might possibly petition those bodies. I am, or was, a Scottish Rite Mason, but I only attended one Valley meeting after the reunion where I received the 32*, and I eventually let my membership lapse.

Brother John

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You might also pick up W.L. Wlimshurst's books; "The Meaning of Masonry" and "Masonic Initiation". Though these address the craft in general, he does address the Royal Arch in a good deal of it.
Love his works!