You might be a Mason if...

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  1. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    You might be a Mason if...

    ...You say you're going out for a night with the guys, and your wife doesn't mind.

    ...On OES night, your wife says she's going out for a night with the girls, and you don't mind.

    ...You look upon the Worshipful Master with respect, but you look upon the Lodge Secretary with total awe!

    ...You have trouble remembering your own phone number, but you can repeat several sections of the ritual word-perfect.

    ...When someone mentions 32º, your first thought isn't "the freezing point of water". doesn't seem strange to you that a French rite headquartered in America based on events in Israel and symbolized by the double-headed eagle of the Imperial Russian Empire should be called "Scottish". know you don't have to change the lightbulbs in the Three Great Lights of the Lodge.
  2. RedTemplar

    RedTemplar Johnny Joe Combs Premium Member

    You might be a Mason if......

    you are at home and want privacy you lock yourself in the bathroom because it is the only tiled room in the house.

    you see a pretty woman with her father and you look to see if HE has a certain ring on HIS finger.

    you don't mind if someone asks if you are properly clothed.

    after receiving generous help in a strange town, your wife wants to know who the heck is Hiram.

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