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Recent content by Bill Hosler

  1. Bill Hosler

    After Lodge Podcast

    I love the show Hilarious!!!
  2. Bill Hosler

    Turned in my Master Mason work last night

    Congrats! My Freemasonry HD Pro
  3. Bill Hosler

    Who Owns The Moon?

    According to an article I read the Grand Lodge of Texas :) My Freemasonry HD Pro
  4. Bill Hosler

    So Mote It Be! When to be used, only at Lodge or e

    Re: So Mote It Be! When to be used, only at Lodge It's funny. No matter where I am and a prayer is given I say it if only silently to myself. My Freemasonry HD Pro
  5. Bill Hosler

    It's official

    I might have to look into that :) Freemason Connect HD
  6. Bill Hosler

    It's official

    Is that the number for Internet lodge? Freemason Connect HD
  7. Bill Hosler

    It's official

    When I was in England I had thought about affiliating with a lodge there. I wish I would have but I was a fairly new Mason at the time and had already joined too many things by that time lol. Freemason Connect HD
  8. Bill Hosler

    Pledge of Allegiance

    I captured the photo and I keep it on my phone. When they start the pledge I open my phone and read it. I have seen a few Brothers chuckle when I do it lol. Freemason Connect HD
  9. Bill Hosler

    Traveling app

    Jerry I had the name wrong. Go to iTunes and search "VA Masons" and you will find it Freemason Connect Mobile
  10. Bill Hosler

    Moving to England

    I didn't realize he was a Fellowcraft. In England they have a different apron for each degree so you can actually buy a FC apron there. That would be cool to have a courtesy degree done like that but I'm sure it would be a paperwork nightmare between Grand lodges. Freemason Connect Mobile
  11. Bill Hosler

    Traveling app

    I think we are talking about two different apps. The one I am talking about is fairly new and it is free. The new Travel light app is still in development. I just added my lodge to it the other day. The old one for $7.99 was a waste. I think they may have potential but their price point...
  12. Bill Hosler

    Moving to England

    I lived there for three months and the best advice I can give is make sure you take your own apron. In England you buy your regalia. The lodge doesn't provide it to you.
  13. Bill Hosler

    I don't think I've properly introduced myself

    We cooked brisket the other day in Dr. Pepper. Turned out really good! I used to be a Corrections officer and I was stationed in the kitchen. I spent my day counting utensils and looking for hooch! Lol. Freemason Connect Mobile
  14. Bill Hosler

    Traveling app

    There is a new app called "Travel light" I know you can find it in the itunes store. I'm not sure about Android. It was created by appswecode. Most of the lodges that are listed are on the east coast. You can add your own lodge to their list. I have added mine.
  15. Bill Hosler

    It's official

    I'm not new to the site but I thought this would be the place to post this: It's finally official. Last night I voted in as a plural member of Lebanon lodge #837. I am officially a Texas Mason!:14: