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Blake Bowden
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  • Hello brother am bismark ansah from Ghana please connect me to someone in Ghana to assist me to join Freemason lt has been my wish since 2009 is my email address +233249590771
    Hi Bro. Bowden. Is there any way I could speak to you by phone? I would appreciate your sending me your cell number to Thanks Daniel Macqueen P.Dist.JGW (South Africa, North)
    Hello bro. I am from India. I am unable to start a new post. When I try to create one, it says my country is blocked on this website. Could you please look into this?
    Hello my name is Samar from Iraq, Erbil I'd like to join the Masonic Note I do not speak English
    2B1 Ask1 ,
    I'm not from the USA but I want to be a freemason,
    how can I join please ?
    thank you .
    Have you heard of anyone having issues recently with the Apple app? I can no longer find it in the App Store so it's become rather difficult to access the site.
    Blake Bowden
    Blake Bowden
    Should be available. Let me know if you still can't find it.
    Brother Blake, I have a quick question regarding the premium membership, is that a monthly or annual fee or just a one time fee. I haven't been a member for long but I love what you've done, and I would like to help.
    Blake Bowden
    Blake Bowden
    Greetings! You can purchase a lifetime membership or yearly (cancel at anytime). Thanks!
    hello my name is Wilbert clark and I am 18 eversince I was 13 I have studied and have learned a lot of knowledge about my favorite organization in the world freemasonry and I want to join but its been very hard because when I made it to 18 I became homeless in a homelss shelter
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