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    1. cog41
      Nice to meet you at the Gun Appreciation festivity. I was glad to see a good crowd for such a short notice.
      Next time and place we'll have more time to visit. Nice to know there were more brethren there as well.

      Holler back and maybe we'll have a cup at the coffee shop in Mt. Sylvan., just down from T.R. Bonner Lodge.

      Have a great day.

    2. Bdubb127
      Yes sir, we also practice on Monday nights. Sounds good brother, we meet on the 2nd Monday so I'd be free on Tuesdays. We're having 2 fellowcraft degrees coming up in March if you'd like to attend. I will give you the exact date after our March meeting.
    3. Bdubb127
      Hey Bro. Lottman, I see you're from Lindale. I live in Big Sandy and am Junior Deacon at Bethesda in Gilmer and a member of Sharon Shrine in Tyler.
    4. jwhoff
      Hey brother, got a question. Do you know Brother Dennis Katruska? He is a member of Cypress 1423 who moved up your way about a year ago. I suspect he may now be a member of your lodge. If not, he's definitely in your neighborhood.
    5. jwhoff
      Like the ring. Stay in touch.
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    Originally from Chicago, IL Moved to Las Vegas, NV now Reside in Lindale,TX. Married Father of 1 Girl, Manger of Lock and Load Indoor Shooting Range in Tyler,TX. Raised 4/11/11


    Kenneth E. Lottman, Jr.
    :SNC: Raised 4/11/11
    Jr. Warden Lindale Lodge #848 Lindale, TX
    Member, Texas Lodge of Research
    Member, Tranquility Lodge #2000
    "What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world, remains and is immortal." - Albert Pike