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    July 30, 1863 - April 7, 1947

    Inventor and capitalist businessman, Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line in his Highland Park, Michigan factory on December 1, 1913. The time to produce a Model T was reduced from slightly over twelve hours to 93 minutes.

    Ford, paying significantly higher wages than competitors and reducing the workday to eight hours, was labeled a socialist while reinventing capitalism.
    In November 1915 he organized the "Ford Peace Ship," a group of pacificist who sailed to Europe to attempt mediation. In 1918, he lost a campaign for the Senate.

    His editorials in The Dearborn Independent only confirmed the label of "ignorant idealist" given him by the Chicago Tribune.
    By 1940, Ford had amassed a fortune in excess of one billion dollars, much of which he gave to charity through his philanthropic foundations.

    Raised: November 28,1894
    Palestine Lodge No. 357, Detroit, MI
    Member: Zion Lodge No. 1
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    Also, Benson Ford & William Clay Ford Sr. were both Masons.
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    I had never heard about the other two Fords masonry contact. The Battle Creek lodges (3 meeting in one building) have a picture of Ford and WK Kellogg, who was a member of the lodge in Battle Creek. I was cleaning out some storage just yesterday, and ran across the 1921 Grand Lodge meeting in Battle Creek. It would be nice if GL would consider such a venue now. The income would be so welcomed to the lodges that could accommodate the attendees.
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    Both Benson & William Clay are Henry Ford's great grandon's. Their father was "Hank the Deuce"; Edsel's son.
    I saw an interview of the recently departed William Clay. On his pinky finger he wore a masonic ring.

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