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    In the instant matter, think of it from the other side: a brother (the PGM) believes a proposal is not the better idea. He goes to other brethren whom he has known for decades and explains his position and, being a respected, experienced member of the craft, the majority of the brethren agree with him. The proposer is so bitter about this he goes outside the lodge to complain in a manner which appears to be harshly critical of the PGM. Indeed, he even voices his complaints in a public forum, making allegations against the senior brother who disagreed with the proposal.

    I think you are not acting on the level, where in Masonry does a "senior brother" have a more weighted opinion? Additionally where did I make a "complaint(s) in a public forum?" I simply ask for some light. You Brother, seem to have a agenda, possibly you feel as an attorney your opinions are more valued much like this Past Grand Master. Furthermore, you make a grand assumption that I acted out of bitterness, a large statement with little information to back it up. Indeed, I would ask you to revisit your Masonic teachings and examine your statements about a Brother Master Mason, which would be me, then add your opinion to the topic in question.
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    Every one gives weight to another person's opinions based on their on their knowledge of and experiences with that person as well as their individual biases. I pay absolutely no attention to some men's opinions while there are a few others that I respect highly. That is because of my personal knowledge of them. One reason that "cliques" develop in Lodges is that experienced well informed members with sound judgement are likely to agree on things and members with poor judgement are likely to agree, that is just the way it is. It has nothing to do with not meeting on the level.
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    Well, if that is the manner in which you try to persuade your lodge brothers, I can understand why you were not successful in doing so. Let's replay your initial comment:

    "I have a question and need some light. My Lodge has a Past Grand Master who will not let the Brothers run the Lodge, he manipulates every decision to his will. What can be do so we meet on the level?"

    GAC: is that not a complaint about supposed manipulation? It certainly doesn't seem to be a commendation. You will agree this is a public forum.

    Yes, I suggested you acted out of bitterness. I would further suggest you have now confirmed that in your instant post when you revisit the issue months later.

    I did not use my professional status in the conversation, so I am not sure how that is relevant. I well understand that education and commonsense are not fellow travelers. Perhaps you have an agenda about lawyers. There are times I have the same agenda.

    It is not his Masonic rank, per se, that is entitled to some consideration. Rather, it is the commonly applied notion that one with experience may be given greater credence.

    You also seem to have the habit of accusing people of not being on the level if they disagree with you. Perhaps we have different understandings of what the term means.I did not mention either profane or Masonic rank. It is you who brought that issue up.

    You also failed to note my post of June 29:

    "I agree that a PGM has only an equal footing in the decisions of the lodge and, to that extent, you meet on the level. But that works both ways: as a member of the lodge, he is entitled to participate and even sway opinion, as are you. "

    You asked for opinions. You received them. Ad hominem attacks do not reflect well upon the poster.

    I have examined my Masonic teachings. That is usually good advice, even when directed in a statement of anger and resentment.
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    Are you the original poster? Cause the thread was posted by Adam Saline. Or maybe you know him. Generally when guys are quick to to say that you are not acting on the level, they are generally the one doing so. You asked for opinions, you got them. Be careful what you ask for.
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