Make Room For A New GL in Texas

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    My view of it, is who cares? Legit obediences probably lose a few prospective members, but if the clandestine grand lodges bring people fulfillment and encourage their members to live better lives, then whatever! Now if they are nothing but pyramid scheme scams (which I imagine some are) then of course that's bad. But if these men are living the tenets of the Craft, it's a net gain to humanity.
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    True. I've only been a MM for 16 months and I've already met a few "Title Hunters" who join the York Rite or Scottish Rite with no intention to participate, just want another title after their name. After I want inducted into the Order of the Knights Templar I was asked by one that went through with me "Are you really going to be active?'. My reply was why join something if you don't intend to go to meetings and participate?
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    Huh. Shall we have a pool for when he goes NPD?
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    Actually I think he will keep his dues paid up because I think that he was just buying another title to put by his name. The kicker is this guy is not new to Masonry. He is an older guy that has been in for decades. He stated that he has been in the AASR for a long time and still has his black hat. I'll bet one of the main reasons is he never shows up to meetings or functions and doesn't help out with same..
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