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    Last year I was in Afghanistan, and the only lodge there was Oklahoma PH. I emailed my (Texas) Grand Secretary and asked about it (Texas Regular and PH now recognize each other, and allow communication, but last I heard, still require writing a letter to get approval from the lodge you want to vist, and it's routed through both Grand Lodges, and, and, and...... ). He said no, still can't since it isn't Texas PH (the only one we had the agreement with). That was early 2016. I would check with your own Grand Lodge to make sure before going to visit it just to be safe.
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    There is know difference on the opening and closing of a Lodge. Be it military or civilian. Probably half the Brothers that are Master Masons were in the military at some or another. From my own experience the civilian Lodge gave me more stability, because when you're in the military you're moving in a given moment and you pretty much have to reestablish yourself....I know this is an old post but I like to put what's on my mind...

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