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Odd Fellows

Brother JStoffo

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Hello Everyone,

I noticed a Lodge in my small town called the Odd Fellows. Research shows that there is nothing about the Odd Fellows which conflicts with Freemasonry. It seems as long as you do not conduct F and A Masonic Communication with the group that it is perfectly OK to be a part of both. The Odd Fellows Lodge is very close to my house, and I love their stated goals. Are any of you both Freemasons and Odd Fellows? I am also Scottish Rite and am looking for something a little closer to home to be a part of. The Odd Fellows wish to improve our society around us as opposed to our Masonic goal of improving our own Spiritual Building internally. I like that. I think that I can do both. I appreciate any input and experience with this group as well as your own.


Bro. JS


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It used to be very common for men to be both Masons and Odd Fellows. Not so common today, because there aren't many Odd Fellows lodges left. Just to be "belt and suspenders" sure, you might want to check with your Grand Lodge before joining.

Glen Cook

G A Cook
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i know a number who ate both, and there were even Masonic lodges and IOOF lodges they shared space.


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There is a brother in my lodge who is also an Odd Fellow. At least in our jurisdiction there is no problem of joining both. Adn I don't think there should be any problem in any jurisdiction because OF does not claim to be masonry and is a separate brotherhood.