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    Just a quick question out of curiosity:

    I was raised as a mm under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas, A.F.A.M. I now find myself residing in Arizona, who's Grand Lodge falls under F&A.M. I have read extensively about the original falling out between the two during the early 1700's in the UK, and the later reconciliation during the mid 1800's.

    As I plan on (eventually) visiting some local lodges in the Tucson area and becoming more active, I was wondering what minute differences I can expect in protocol, memory work, degrees, traditions....etc. I have never had the pleasure of visiting an F&AM lodge, and it is my understand that the differences are slight. Furthermore, what is the accepted procedure for transferring membership and/or procuring a dual membership?

    Any insight would be appreciated.



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    Don't get hung up on the letters. I've been to a MM deg in AZ and they do some things differently then other jurisdictions. But I've been in multiple AFAM jurisdictions and they all have minute differences to each other

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    As long as your GL has recognition I'm assuming there would be no difference in the process to affiliate. Good luck!
  4. Brother JC

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    It’s definitely not an issue. I’m a member of two AF&AM GL’s (in two different countries) as well as an F&AM in the US. The biggest differences are between the AF&AM ones.
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  6. Bill Lins

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    Once you find a Lodge with which you feel you would be a good fit, have the Secretary of that Lodge first determine if their Grand Lodge permits simultaneous membership in other Grand Lodges. Then have him contact your current Lodge via his Grand Secretary through the GLoTX Grand Secretary to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from your current Lodge. Once that Secretary receives the CGS, he can start the paperwork for your petition to affiliate with his Lodge, either as a dual member (if permitted) or as a transfer.
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    I was first a MM in Alabama. Alabama was AF&AM but later changed to F&AM. I was then a MM in Maryland. Maryland was F&AM and became AF&AM. Within our Preston-Webb Ritual there are differences and the letters of the GL (from what I've seen) provide no guidance on what those differences are. Maryland for example claims to follow the ritual as adopted in the convention of 1843 as adopted at the 1846 grand lodge communication. But go and compare that ritual to the one today and you will see differences. this site is dated but it provides some of the information you are looking for.
  8. GJB

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    Thanks for all the information!

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