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Discussion in 'The York Rite' started by LukeD, Oct 4, 2011.

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    I recently received the YR degrees and orders in a single day event. It was wonderful, and I'm craving more understanding and knowledge. Is it normal to leave thinking there is no way I can mentally digest everything I was just taught and witnessed? Where does one go for more knowledge in the YR besides the one meeting a month? Is this another adventure of self education through books and online forums?
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    Go to more festivals/degrees! My experience was that there is no way I could remember what saw in one Festival. So, I have committed to going to more festivals and rewatching the degrees in smaller pieces (i.e. one body at a time).

    It is the same for the Scottish Rite. But they have a program for education after the degrees. I am not aware of one for the York Rite.
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    Brother, You have just started on a life-long journey. And no, you will not even begin to learn it all in a year. Maybe not in five or ten years. I have been on my trip for over thirty years and there is still lots and lots that I need to learn. Just keep learning to improve yourself while enjoying the ride.
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    Yes there are also books you can read and I've reviewed two under the Education forum- Royal Arch Matters and Tell Me More About the Mark Degree.
    I'm reading a series of books on the YR and KT and hope to post a review for each.
    I also agree you should attend and participate in the degree work whenever you have an opportunity. Single degrees will provide more light than many of the festivals too.
    Good luck on your journey and take time the time to enjoy and understand the light companion!
  5. LukeD

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    Your responses are extremely helpful. I need to take a step back and learn as I go and not rush the process. Thank you.

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