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Discussion in 'Building Fraternal Relations' started by Bro. Kurt P.M., Mar 10, 2017.

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    Just because one person does not want their name listed as part of Masonry doesn't mean that I wouldn't.
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    If ur gonna be an officer you need to willing to be the face of the lodge. If ur not willing to do that, if undont want people to know your a Freemason, then being an officer might not be for you

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    One of our former officers who was a master of cermonies (my predecessor) worked as a doctor for children, he was also a highly profficient ritualist and had the ability to juggle all the responsablities that the office hold. But becuse anti-masonry is highly vocal in Sweden, if his name was discoverd online in relation to freemasonry this could have affect his job.
    But I suppose him being vocal about his freemasonry should be more important then his proficency in ritual and all the time and effort he was willing to give to the lodge.
    Anti-masonry (and anti-fraternalism) is quite vocal in Europe, I think Chris Hodapp has mentioned it at times.
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    Not what im saying at all, he can give to the lodge both in and out as much as he wants, but how can u be a warden or master if ur not willing to be the face of the lodge?

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    I do like a bit of thread drift, it often happens in conversation...

    While some lodge have money, many do not... and those that do, many are great at spending money on orphans and schools, but when it comes to painting their own building or establishing a web site, they are often hopeless....

    I was really reluctant to be identified as a Freemason because of my business... but when I became Master, I realised I was the spokesperson for the lodge and had to be a bit more public.

    On web sites and contact info, we list all our officers by first name, but without surnames. Contacts are only listed for those who agree.... we have our own domain but our GL creates a subpage on its own url with lodge details. I like that because it backlinks most Lodges web sites, but also drives traffic to GL's site... here is a sample of their profile page

    The problem with web sites is they are not very interactive like Facebook or here... but they still act as an advert and info repository. I like having a lodge web site because we control it and can add to it at will. It has over 500 pages of articles, most written by us. Having your own url also allows to have and master@lodgename etc... its especially good for the Sec when the job gets passed on. It's actually not expensive to run a google site, which is good, because I pay for five of them...
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    I know the last post in this thread was in April of 2017, but to touch back on the OP's intent....I'll add the following article for consideration when discussing this topic.

    The Nobility of Working with Students

    Masonry talks about making good men better. How about the nobility of helping to make young people better? Perhaps it's because my background is in education that I find involvement in the youth groups to be very rewarding and it goes beyond the "what can they do for us" as far as future membership goes. Either way, replace "students" or "schools" or "administrators" with the appropriate lingo for youth groups and it works.
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