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Have you visited other Lodges as an EA and/or FC?

  1. Yes - As an Entered Apprentice

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  2. Yes - As a Fellow Craft

    3 vote(s)
  3. Yes - As an EA and FC

    17 vote(s)
  4. No - But would recommend it

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  5. No - And wouldn't recommend it

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  6. Yes - And wouldn't recommend it

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  1. Pscyclepath

    Pscyclepath Premium Member

    I traveled to at least 4 other lodges to watch EA degrees after I had received mine, and about the same as a Fellowcraft. My mentors in my lodge thought it was important to see the wide world of masonry beyond our lodge doors, and it's an excellent way to learn your lectures by seeing the degree again, coupled with sitting in the back benches of the lodge and learning to recite like a parrot ;-)

    And it was a wonderful teaching experience... one of the things I like to do now is visit other lodges and meet my other brothers. I learn a little something new every time I go to a different place. And in mentoring new EAs and FC brothers, I escort them to the same sorts of things.

    First thing: As an EA or FC, never "travel" alone. Always have one of the master masons from your lodge. who have sat with you in lodge at that degree or higher, go with you. You will need to be vouched for, and as mentioned above, only master masons can do that. (When you get to be a master mason, you will be able to do it too, so get on those lectures!! ;-) ) Our lodge has four or five guys who do a lot of visiting to help out with the degrees at neighboring lodges, and I was usually able to tag along with them.

    Traveling with your brothers like this is an excellent team-building exercise. You do get to see there's a wide and wonderful world of brotherhood even outside of your home lodge. You can get drilled on your lecture/proficiency all the way up there, and most of the way back, if you run around with the same kind of mentors I did. And seeing the degree again, live and in living color, reinforces your learning your lecture. By not missing any of the practice nights, and acccompanying my mentors to the same degree at other lodges, I was able to go from EA to MM in a hair over 60 calendar days. My mentor was preoccupied at the time I was learning my master's lecture, so I wound up learning that mostly by going to and listening closely to the degree again, and committing that to memory, to the point I was able to turn that in at the next stated meeting after I was raised. So, traveling/visiting does help a lot.
  2. scialytic

    scialytic Premium Member

    I think I'm going to have to buy you a few beers when I head up to Little Rock in October...
  3. polmjonz

    polmjonz Registered User

    While i fully encourage EA's and FC's to see as many degrees as they can as soon as they can for the purpose of seeing and learning what occurred while they were blindfolded. I would discourage them from visiting lodges outside there area particularly outside their state. This is mainly because of the differences in the ceremonies and words that can be used. This could be confusing. In Mississippi we don't get dues cards until we are raised so the only way we can be recognized is by voucher of somebody we have sat in lodge with. I visited 3 different lodges during my process and was the "candidate" for multiple practices and that really helped me to learn my proficiencies.

    I wish you luck and applaud your desire to travel and experience all this great fraternity has to offer.
  4. apursell

    apursell Registered User

    I say no, and don't recommend it. One you have to be able to prove yourself as a Lodge Secretary, how do we do this? I verify your dues card and then one of the deacons run you through the questions. I traveled to other lodges as a EA and FC and did my FC obligation in an another lodge's open lodge meeting. With that said, I also traveled with MM who could vouch for me. Not sure about other jurisdiction however, you do not get a dues card in Montana until your a MM, so as a Secretary, how can I verify your who you say you are. We do still have to keep an eye open of Cowans and Eavesdroppers and as they say, guard the West Gate.
  5. Brother Joe

    Brother Joe Registered User

    I traveled to several lodges while I was an EA and FC. I was welcomed every time. Although, I was vouched for; which may have made a big difference.
  6. scialytic

    scialytic Premium Member

    I haven't been able to get to another Lodge. Fortunately I've been able to attend Lodge every week. My Brothers have been great at opening in the EA as much as possible and even not opening a Lodge to hold informal meetings and training that I can attend. I'm blessed to have found such a great Lodge. I'll probably travel as a Master. Thanks for the encouragement and advice. In the future I will be well-prepared if a new Brother asked my advice on this topic. I am fully prepared with the pros and cons. Thanks Brothers!
  7. Ben Rodriguez

    Ben Rodriguez Registered User

    I visited all local lodges as soon as I was eligible to visit, it was a great experience and all brothers were very welcoming and kind. Highly recommended!
  8. youngblood2002

    youngblood2002 Registered User

    I visited another lode as an EA to watch their EA work. I was accompanied by WM and a few other EA from my lodge. It was a wonderful experience to observe and participate in the same ritual we had just experienced ourselves. It broadened my understanding and made my Q and A easier....
  9. txraisedboy

    txraisedboy Premium Member

    I have visited other Lodges within the district, but only with my mentor. I know I wouldn't be let in without him.
  10. Benjamin Baxter

    Benjamin Baxter Moderator Staff Member

    What about a traveling fellowcraft?
  11. CajunTinMan

    CajunTinMan Registered User

    We do bring our EA's with us when we are doing EA degrees at other lodges. Same with fellowcrafts. But that is about it.
  12. scialytic

    scialytic Premium Member

    Well I travelled to observe an EA conferral at another Lodge in Dallas. I've been blessed that my Lodge has had EAs pretty steady since my initiation. (I also called "odds" when throwing numbers to decide if I would be first or second for my FC with another Brother, so I got to see the Passing immediately after mine...that was great!) It was great to meet with Brothers I didn't know (excepting the DDGM from the Lodge that was kind enough to invite me while visiting our Lodge). I actually got the open the Lodge in the South (which was easy enough, but a great honor and experience!).

    So I guess I can actually vote on the poll that I started so long ago (at least it seems long ago). I say yes, but as Brothers have said before: it should be within your GL jurisdiction, so not to confuse you for the proficiency.

    Thank you Brothers for your votes and insight. I'm sure this thread will be an aid to many EAs and FCs to come!
  13. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    I highly recommend traveling as an EA, especially attending EA degrees in your area.
  14. chris289

    chris289 Registered User

    I am I a different state.In S.C you must have a Master Mason go and vouch for you or someone at the lodge you are
    traveling to had to attend your. EA degree
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  15. MarkR

    MarkR Premium Member

    It's the same in Minnesota. Since you don't get a dues card as an EA, you must be accompanied by a MM from your Lodge who saw you initiated to visit another Lodge.
  16. pddgm97

    pddgm97 Registered User

    Same in Florida

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  17. SlyGC59

    SlyGC59 Registered User

    Hello Brothers its the same in Chicago

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  18. Ben A.

    Ben A. Registered User

    Same in Montana. I would encourage EAs and FCs to travel with their mentor to lodges within their jurisdiction to see the degree work pertaining to the degree they have attained.

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