Who came to honor the Lord?

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    Soon many of us will celebrate the Incarnation of the Divine Logos, the Son. We are told by Scripture that He was honored by messengers (Angeloi) from God and by shepherds, lowest of the low. In addition, Magi from the East came to give him honor. Thus, it was the low-born and humble and the scientists and scholars who came to give Him honor from the start. But where were the "leaders"? Where were the politicians (King Herod) and the pastors (Priests of the Temple)? They were nowhere to be found.
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    Profound observation, well said !!!
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    I'm pleased that you mentioned the scholars and scientists. These groups have always taken an unfair share of abuse from the powerbrokers and their followers. As did the Essenes and others who would not toe the strict adherences most prevalent through history.

    Politicians and religious leaders were no different then than they are now. You see, those damn scholars and scientists are always changing the game. Once one has closed off all avenues of free thought these clowns come up with a new, unexploited, angle. It can't be easy.
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    Nice observation and commentary.

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