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    I can agree with this 100%. Having a firm grasp of our Masonic work is extremely important.
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    It's my preference as well, but we recently (2 years ago) put through a master who was a terrible ritualist. He delegated everything except the open and close. He was constantly self depreciating about this.... He said he had so much respect for the ritual and the values it contains, that he did not want to see himself make a hash of it, and he delegated all degree work.

    This plan was discussed by all, and agreed to as a condition he put forth before accepting the Chair.

    Our District Co-ord ( think inspector of workings) visited several times during the year .... and.... he got a bit sick of this.

    He ended up standing up one night and vehemently protesting

    He said he could no longer stand to hear such an excellent Master put himself down. That he was an brilliant Master leading a happy and unified lodge, making the lodge enjoyable and a success. That he was surely leaving the lodge in a better condition than when he took over..

    He was right.

    Many Lodges would not have put him in because he did not know the work and thereby missed out on a great leader.

    I'd take an excellent leader and poor ritualist who is willing to delegate anyday over an average leader who knows the ceremony word perfectly
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    This is great!
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    When i read the lime about the Dist Coord getting sick of it and standing up i thought it was about the WM delegating, glad to hear it went the other direction

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    You too, huh? Lol.

    Bloke had us by the seat of our pants.
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