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  1. Bro.doyleUK

    Do you believe in a supreme being?

    My main reason for declaring myself as "spiritual" in the first place was because I had my friend teach me Reiki healing at when I was 17 just after I was told my mum had terminal cancer. She's ok now! I have never really used Reiki on anyone other than myself but I'd never discuss this at...
  2. Bro.doyleUK

    Do you believe in a supreme being?

    My answer was yes Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  3. Bro.doyleUK

    Do you believe in a supreme being?

    When I first went to my lodge for my "chat" about becoming a mason I was asked all the usual questions about why I wanted to join and of course I answered the best I could giving only honest answers of course. Now, I hope no one here gets offended or annoyed by this but I do not consider myself...
  4. Bro.doyleUK

    Any Masons from the UK?

    Can anyone please copy and paste the link for me here as my iPhone doesn't want to pick it up from Mikes Signature
  5. Bro.doyleUK

    To all my Brothers - Christmas Blessings

    Merry Christmas to you all x x x
  6. Bro.doyleUK

    Masons involved in Aviation?

    I would absolutely love to move to Texas and learn to fly! That's probably my biggest dream. Where do I sign???
  7. Bro.doyleUK

    Infectious negative energy

    Masonic one, Just out of interest how is your freind/colleague and may I ask his he is still perusing masonry? Also his "self inflicting" negativities... Have they declined or improved since your original post?
  8. Bro.doyleUK

    The Freemason Movie.

    Your thoughts gentlemen of the new movie trailer starring Sean Austin. This will be a very interesting discussion. My Freemasonry HD
  9. Bro.doyleUK

    Masons involved in Aviation?

    I'm in Cornwall, UK. Unfortunately its more expensive here and there is far less jobs too. I'm just focus on my private licence and go from there. It makes sense to fly chopprs however if I'm totally honest my heart is still with fixed wing! I used to glide and there was really nothing like it...
  10. Bro.doyleUK

    Masons involved in Aviation?

    I work with helicopter parts and logistics specialising in Agusta 109's. I plan to do my PPLH very soon. Always been a keen aviator since I was a kid in the cadets. My Freemasonry HD
  11. Bro.doyleUK

    Masons involved in Aviation?

    Are there any Masons on this site who are Pilots or have a keen interest or involvement with Aviation? My Freemasonry HD
  12. Bro.doyleUK

    Brothers on PSN.

    I'm not up to date with bf. never played it. I believe the GTA will have everything as good as San Andreas and that was amazing. Fancy a game of COD soon. I can't use my headset but I'm having a blast in a bit! Ps I bought a new official controller and a new official headset. HOWEVER as soon as...
  13. Bro.doyleUK

    Brothers on PSN.

    Yesterday I pre-ordered GTAV... That's going to be the game of the decade. Who else is getting it on playstation? Freemason Connect HD
  14. Bro.doyleUK

    Brothers on PSN.

    Feel free to add THEDOYLEMAN. Just message me to say your a Brother. I only really play call of duty though! Freemason Connect HD
  15. Bro.doyleUK

    The angelic tablets.

    Thank you for sharing this info. I had no idea who John Dee was but now I'm well informed and I find it very interesting! Freemason Connect HD