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Howdy Brethren! Guy R. Niles. New here but not a new Mason. Currently the Junior Warden for Saratoga Masonic Lodge #546 in Lampasas, Texas. I've tread the Boards in the GL of Kansas, the GL of Rhode Island, the American-Canadian Grand Lodge in Europe, and the GL of Texas.
Greeting to the brethren. I am Truedy from Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape, South Africa and I am new here.
benny situmbeko
greetings members i am benny from katima mulilo, namibia and am new here
Greetings everyone! I am new from Mid Valley area in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and seeking for a Lodge in the neighbourhood.
Welek Lee
Welek Lee
Hello there Bryson, how are you this week?
Need attorney. Tired of Douglas County trying to railroad and falsely accuse. I have no support. Oh Lord my God is there no help for the widows son.
If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting a stones today