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Recent content by Bro. Kurt P.M.

  1. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Support Masonic Youth

    Take a look at these websites and you should be able to answer the question "why should we support them ?".
  2. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Support Masonic Youth

    Why not ? Sent from my iPad using My Freemasonry
  3. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Support Masonic Youth

    You all are missing the point ... Our Masonic Youth Organizations need our support ... and showing up to their activities does that. In my opinion ... One of the reasons a majority of these youth don't go on to join the supporting bodies because we don't support them by being there for them ...
  4. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Support Masonic Youth

    Support your local Masonic Youth Organizations. Visit a Stated Meeting or attend an Installation of Officers. Show them you are interested in their success.
  5. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    2014 Grand communication meeting

    I'll be there
  6. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Fort Worth Housing Authority Job Openings

    Current Opportunities Updated 11/26/2014 Human Resources Generalist Compliance Quality Control Manager Grant Writer Housing Counselor Housing Counselor Special Programs VP Resident Community Engagement Application Instructions Employment Application
  7. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Cigar smokers

    here are a few Masonic themed cigars that are available Ultra Premium Dominican Hand Made Cigars By Brethren for Brethren The Widow's Son Cigar is a Masonic-themed cigar within the "Battleground" cigar line offered by The...
  8. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Openings in Fort Worth Texas

    Position: Homeless Management Information System Specialist Position: Laborer Position: Custodian
  9. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    I have seen the Star in the East

    I am now a member of Lonnie L. Blake Chapter No. 1116 - Order of the Eastern Star
  10. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial Links Freemasonry to Satan

    I agree . If seeing this ad makes someone think bad of freemasonry then I feel that person or group already had an issue before seeing the ad. This ad means nothing and as long as we express our displeasure on face book and so forth are we not indirectly advertising for Mercedes?
  11. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Attending Grand Lodge

    I'll be there
  12. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Strongly Discouraged...

    Brother Stewart, the $500 is for initiation which includes a list of items. Your Cap 14th degree ring ( in a plastic pyramid ) Dues for the year Morals and Dogma ( book) A bridge go light ( book) Lapel Pin And a few other items. The Scottish Rite actually lost money in the past. I'm sure...
  13. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    Strongly Discouraged...

    I see both sides of the coin with this . I hope some day to see you get capped. See you at lodge.
  14. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    The Name Game

    John Quincy Adams
  15. Bro. Kurt P.M.

    The Name Game

    Kurt Douglas