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  1. bro.william

    EAs and Fellowcarft Visits

    Here (Wales, UGLE Monmouthshire Province) we open and conduct ordinary business on the 1st degree, so EA and FC visitation isn't a logistical problem. That said, if you were just to rock up on your own on a night when they were doing degree work above your pay grade, there'd be little point, as...
  2. bro.william

    Raspberry PI

    i use my pi to run PPP and FTP servers that connect my 30-year-old Mac SE (at excruciatingly slow speeds!) to my home network and the internet. :)
  3. bro.william

    Any Linuxers out there?

    Linux isn't currently my daily driver – I'm a Mac guy who has enough command line experience to have respect but not fear – but I keep up to speed with the distros, and my boy (who inherited my geek genes) uses Ubuntu as his daily driver. I tend to use Ubuntu or major derivatives when I need...