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  1. CajunTinMan

    How many offices ?????

    One in Louisiana
  2. CajunTinMan

    Some Religious Questions

    So you're saying that evil created itself? Or, are you saying that evil was created by man? Both would be impossible. "For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all...
  3. CajunTinMan

    Some Religious Questions

    Whoa cowboy. Your stretching this way to far. I do stick by what I said. I also said that what exist in the absence of God is evil. Wherever there is light, there cannot be darkness. If light is withdrawn from anywhere, that place becomes dark. Darkness was not created. Light was created...
  4. CajunTinMan

    Some Religious Questions

    May I ask, my good Brother, if are you attempting to assert that the Book of my faith is in error and that because my faith is predicated on its teachings, then my beliefs are false? Is that what you're attempting to say? Or is it as in Masonry, where you can travel from state to state and...
  5. CajunTinMan

    Some Religious Questions

    Your explanation of "inherent" was that some things cannot exist without an opposite. Therefore, if that is what you mean, then you mean that God cannot exist without evil. I never said that he cannot. I said that evil does exist. Can you explain with certainty how it came about. Or do you...
  6. CajunTinMan

    Some Religious Questions

    Then can you elaborate on what you feel are the complete and utter changes to the meanings of the messages contained in the variations of the recognized standard versions of the Bible.
  7. CajunTinMan

    Some Religious Questions

    Brother Brian. You seem to be reading a lot into what I'm saying. It's not the question of can exist it's a question of does it exist. Does evil exist? Yes. Did evil exist in heaven? Yes. Satan's rebellion towards God was evil.
  8. CajunTinMan

    Some Religious Questions

    We'll my good Brothers. This why we don't talk about religion in the lodge. I was willing to state my personal beliefs because the question was asked. But if you want to continue to try to tear at my beliefs that's ok. As far as inherent Brother Bryan, being a learned man, you should know...
  9. CajunTinMan

    Some Religious Questions

    I am not trying to get caught up in the translation issues. The meanings, with minor variations, are the same. As far as "uncreated" I don't know how you stretched "inherent" that far but no. That's not what it means.
  10. CajunTinMan

    BBQ cookoff 2015

    Thanks Brother
  11. CajunTinMan

    Is God universal?

    No. I believe that the Grand Architect is the God of Abraham. As a Christian I also believe the Jesus was the one begotten son of God.
  12. CajunTinMan

    Some Religious Questions

    As far as questions numbers 1, 2, and 3. I am a Christian and I believe that the Bible is the literal inspired word of God which explicitly answers these questions. For questions 4, 5, 6, and 7, I believe that evil was not created but is inherent. I believe that it is what exist in the absence...
  13. CajunTinMan

    BBQ Cook Off

    I posted this in the Gen. discussion area but I think that was so wrong place. I'm trying to get some opinions so I'll repost it here. I will go into the East next year and I am thinking about hosting a Masonic team BBQ cookoff. I used to compete and I thought that a cookoff would be a...
  14. CajunTinMan

    A Concerned Brother

    Not in AZ but to me a brother is a brother but I can't answer your question. Sorry