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    The Shrine has now been "de-recognized" in Arkansas

    I left my lodge due to a bully in one of the chairs, and I believe that when this man sits in the east, the lodge may suffer irreparable damage to its reputation, and several men have already left. A house divided cannot stand. When Good Men leave, what will you be left with?
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    New Companion

    I also just joined! I was at the festival in Normangee yesterday, I am truly honored and elated to continue my journey.
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    Public knowledge

    Bro. Cajun: no, we should have drawn the line when they use the excuse of security or safety or "the Greater Good" to limit our rights and power as a free people. The question is: what do we do about it? Wait until the next election? Ignore voter suppression and outright fraud?
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    Public knowledge

    If we allow these people to use their rights to vote our rights away, eventually no one will have any rights. History has shown us time and again what happens to a disarmed people. Not only would we be completely vulnerable to the criminal elements in society, we would also be completely under...
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    What does Masonry mean to you?

    Masonry means men of good character who seek to become better through fellowship with other men of good character. Masonry means higher standards than that which we will find anywhere else. We do not let politics or religion separate us, even if we find ourselves facing each other across a...
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    Is Freemasonry anti-Christian? I think not.

    It depends on who you ask. My "brand" of Freemasonry is different from many at my Blue Lodge, and I have found nothing in Freemasonry that was anti-Christian or offering an alternative path to salvation, contrary to some publications I have read. Nor have I found it to be a religion, even...
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    Gmail and Masonic Aprons

    Proof of the world wide conspiracy? LOL!!!
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    Inter-Visitation, Politics and Racism in Texas

    As Masons, we should be above the politics, and remember that we are all Good Men FIRST and this should be foremost in our minds and hearts. Having said that, when a rule or a law does not keep pace with the evolution of society, and no longer prevents harm, but does more harm the it needs to...
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    Congrats! It is a night you will never forget!
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    Memorization Aid???

    Congratulations and welcome to The Craft Brother! Texas work is respected greatly in Masonry. Upon reflection, had I cheated and used a book, I would have missed some very valuable bonds with the brothers at my lodge which I credit to their dedication to teaching and the time it took. NONE of...
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    why all the confusion ?

    Our ancient brethren built the cathedrals and became wealthy because of it. They knew that if the secrets of how to build them were released outside of the brotherhood, so would go the wealth and power. After WWII, we saw a surge in membership and political power partially due to the returning...
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    A single enemy?

    In a word, Ignorance. I became a Mason to follow in the footsteps of men like my grandfather, to have fellowship with other Good Men and to become a better man, father and husband.
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    What Masonic traditions can we bring back?

    Considering the popularity of sites like Linked In and Facebook for social and business networking, I would feel we would be failing Masonry if we did not do the same for us.
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    Where Has Freedom Gone?

    That's beautiful. I pray that mine shall never again be needed, but used to keep my skills sharp so that my freedom shall also remain.
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    "Listen, Son"

    My girls are grown and out of the house now, and this reminds me that perhaps I was too quick in correction, that I had expected too much too soon. But I do believe that the correction was more important than being a buddy, which would not make me a father but a peer.