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    carrizo springs???@

    Any brothers at carrizo springs???
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    I Finished a New Book

    Bro. CLIFF..thank you so much for signed copies....i read it in one day. My senior warden read it fast as well......Thanks again for your efforts. ~Dave Newman Victoria #40
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    Would u return the sign

    This leads to another have you been approached or approached someone else to allude to their existance in the "ranks" My self...have passed a token....and had it returned. But after i saw the "bling". Or have asked a leading question.
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    I Finished a New Book

    brother cliff I would like two copies. One to dave and one to randy. Can you please send me a total and a paypal email so.i can pay you. Dave Newman 706 Gardenia Ln Victoria, TX 77904
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    Raised and further Enlightened

    Dont forget to bring your goat...they did tell you to bring one right? 3°
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    Wearing the Bling

    To ed....i bought my it in....let my wife look at it to make sure it was what we ordered...then taped the box closed....gave it to my instructor...which handed it to my uncle...which gave it to me after i was raised.
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    Fellowcraft Proficiency Passed!

    Congrats! Where are you from?
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    New Braunfels Masons????

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    Wearing the Bling topic...i have to agree with a majority here. MM only. Now that being said....i woild not disagree with someone wearing something that shows what level....or with both points or one point. I work with a guy that everyone said was a mason...he wears a gold masonic ring.....i...
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    New Braunfels Masons???? you have access to the lodge? Would love to visit.
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    New Braunfels Masons????

    Found it...#1109 Anyone here call new.braunfels home?
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    New Braunfels Masons????

    I will be in New Braunfels this week and will miss my home lodges' stated meeting.....wanted to visit the New Braunfels lodge..if there is one. ~Dave
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    How long before you sign a petition?

    That is an excellent question with alot of answers. When do you really know the candidate? A month...a few dinners? Tough question.
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    Fellowcraft Proficiency

    Congrats brother!!!!
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    Which ring do you wear more often??

    Wedding on left....masonic on right.