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  1. J

    2nd Degree

    I shall enjoy it. They said they expecting me to get it within a month. Don't know about that.
  2. J

    2nd Degree

    Yes it did that was my favorite part. It was so interesting and deep.
  3. J

    2nd Degree

  4. J

    2nd Degree

    Last night it finally happened. Passed to FC. I so enjoyed it all.
  5. J

    EA Recital tomorrow n8ght

    Recital didn't happen Worshipful had an emergency
  6. J

    EA Recital tomorrow n8ght

    Thx for the ecouragement
  7. J

    EA Recital tomorrow n8ght

    I'm so excited and so nervous. Tomorrow night is my EA Recital and hopefully I'll do well and be Passed to FC.
  8. J

    WA Recital

    On Nov 10th I will be doing my EA recital and if proficient receiving my FC
  9. J

    Investigation Committee

    Going good working on my ea mouth to ear. Worshipful says should be going up for my fellow craft soon
  10. J

    First Degree

    I'm still working my ea
  11. J

    Am i wrong?

    Yep just hit me up Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  12. J

    Study techniques

    As far as ea no. But that's as far as I am right now Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  13. J

    Am i wrong?

    It's OK yes I'm a member of Bremond Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App