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  1. rfuller

    A Real Freemason

    Roland Martin? As in THE Roland Martin? From Emma?
  2. rfuller

    Widows Son MC belt bbelt buckle

    Haha. Okay. Well, I've been trying to wrap my head around it all, and trying to be more informed. I just keep running into dead ends. Thanks for your responses.
  3. rfuller

    Widows Son MC belt bbelt buckle

    One other question: As you read the edict, was I correct in concluding that wearing the belt buckle in question would be in violation, or is it more a matter of membership, and less about things like wearing a gifted belt buckle?
  4. rfuller

    Widows Son MC belt bbelt buckle

    Couple of questions for clarification. Where you there in 2007 for the discussion? Follow up, if you were, do you remember the discussion? I'm purely curious. I could honestly care less if the WS are recognized or not, but I'm just wondering how things happened and what the rationale...
  5. rfuller

    Widows Son MC belt bbelt buckle

    JD already gave a better explination, but I wanted to include the full text of the edict as well:
  6. rfuller

    After Lodge Podcast

    Well, it's about damn time.
  7. rfuller

    Can a Jewish Brother Wear a Yamaka in a Lodge Room?

    Re: Can a Jewish Brother Wear a Yamaka in a Lodge Back to frowning... The obligation is not supposed to interfere with our duty to our God. If part of your duty to God includes head covering, I don't see why we would ever frown on that.
  8. rfuller

    Widows Son MC belt bbelt buckle

    Here's the exact wording of the edict: I had to look it up because honestly I glossed over it. I'm not a motorcycle kind of guy. So, all that being said, here's my 2 cents: If this thread is a simple question of whether or not you should wear it in Texas, then the answer would be "Not...
  9. rfuller

    Picking the right lodge.

    Close to home is a good place to start, but I wouldn't stop there. Each lodge absolutely has it's own personality. You need to kind of feel out the lodges a little bit, and figure out where you will fit in best. There's a lodge literally a minute's drive from my office, or about 8 minutes...
  10. rfuller

    Defining Freemasonry: Masonic Survey

    It's funny how much ruckus this survey caused on Reddit. I also thought it was pretty neat to see all the results at the end.
  11. rfuller

    Black Balled x2

    Every part of me wants to congratulate your lodge...until I think about my own Initiation. I was initiated, passed, and raised as a 21 year old. I was not "ready" until my late 20's. Something inside me finally clicked in the past few years. At times, I wish I had waited because I feel like...
  12. rfuller

    Some Religious Questions

    1. What would happen if you died today? If you believe that you have a Spirit, where would it go? I think there are many different names for what would happen, Heaven, returning to the source, etc... 2. What would happen to those who are of a different religion than your own? (Refer to...
  13. rfuller


    Very interesting. I've never heard about Hesychasm. I looked into it briefly after reading this, and it seems to closely resemble Buddhist monastic practices, but under the umbrella of Eastern Christian thought. Of course, that's after about 3 minutes of google searching, and then scanning...
  14. rfuller

    How to make sure your lodge is legit?

    Yeah. I know it's form "Can't Touch This". But it'll have to do.
  15. rfuller

    Personal Aprons in Texas

    How many brothers in Texas have their own apron, aside from the lambskin you were given after joining? That's not really something we do at my lodge. We have a lodge set. I know in in several other jurisdictions, Masons have their own aprons. Just curious if this is state wide, or if it's...