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  1. Steve Cumbie

    Installation of Officers at Eureka Lodge No. 371 Springtown, Texas

    Brothers,Family & Friends, Worshipful Master Elect Adam L. Cumbie and family would like to invite you to his and all newly elected Officers Installation. This Grand Event Will Happen at !! Place: Eureka Lodge No. 371 Lodge Room 101 West Main Street Springtown, Texas 76082...
  2. Steve Cumbie

    Greetings from DFW, TX

    A Big Texas Welcome Brother
  3. Steve Cumbie

    Ddgm apron

    I've asked many ddgm's this question and none seem to to know why is the moon facing backwards ? I am hoping some brother might know the answer.
  4. Steve Cumbie

    I Wanna Be On Welfare

  5. Steve Cumbie

    Rainbow Bridge

    This is for anyone who has lost their Best Friend their pet ----------------------------"RAINBOW BRIDGE"------------------------------------------ Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to...
  6. Steve Cumbie

    hello from Cali

    Welcome brother
  7. Steve Cumbie


    Yes Sir I agree, Something else have you ever noticed when you have traveled to any other Lodge how some Brothers come and greet you yet other shy away from you. Makes you say Hmm When a Lodge has new visiting Brother they are always on the best behavior, yet when we are with the Members...
  8. Steve Cumbie


    What make you say HMMMMMMM at your Lodge ? :21:
  9. Steve Cumbie

    My new Android phone...

    Now That's Funny
  10. Steve Cumbie

    85 Year Grand Lodge of Texas Service Award to Brother James Biggs

    All I can say is W O W that is so coooooooooooooool
  11. Steve Cumbie

    Hello Bro&Sis

    Welcome Brother Gordon
  12. Steve Cumbie

    Greetings from a new Vermont Mason!

    Congratulation Brother Chris
  13. Steve Cumbie

    Thoughts on my first 'real' lodge meeting

    Congratulation Brother Ed Travel well !!