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    Welcome, Dominik!
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    Hello from California

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    hello all

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    The Name Game

    Wilbur Mills.
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    Conan the barbarian remake

    Well, the Schwarzenegger version was itself a poor version of the comic book that was, itself, a poor re-make and spin off of Robert E. Howard's original pulp stories from the '30s. If anything, the new movie actually looks closer to Howard's original stories - but that's guessing just looking...
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    Greetings my Brothers!

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    Is he a mason?

    (I won't vote on this as I am not a Freemason, but...) Looking at the history of your order, it would seem the problem is not hate but what is hated and why. Jonathan Swift and Voltaire (though Voltaire came to the Nine Sisters Lodge very late in life) both can be said, very fairly, to have...
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    Help with an abbreviation

    U.T.O.A.A.G.I. = "Universi Terrarum Orbis Architectonis Ad Gloriam Ingentis" aka a version of "To the Glory of the Grand Architect of the Universe." The SR in the Spanish-speaking countries seem to put this at the head of their correspondence (a guess by looking around a bit online).
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    Greetings from Orange...

    Welcome! (I'm not a Freemason, but I'm working on the petition; this is a great site, full of information, and the men are friendly.)
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    The Name Game

    Linus Pauling - only person to be awarded 2 unshared Nobel Prizes - Quantum Chemistry and Peace.
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    Greetings from Grand Prairie, Texas

    Welcome to the site! I'm relatively new, too, and beginning the petitioning process. The gentlemen here are helpful -- if you ask a question, they will answer (they've helped me) -- and the site is full of very helpful information and answers to questions others have already asked. Good luck...
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    masonic columns

    I'm not a Mason, but I did some research on Google -- if you look up "Masonic globes" and "Masonic columns" and the like, one can find antiques for sale or bid... but they are all somewhat expensive. I found a set of columns with the globes at the ironically named "Cowan's Auctions"...
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    The Name Game

    Hannah Arendt - philosopher