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  1. wedgeprime

    Massachusetts Bro. Seeking Part-time Work

    Hello my brother! I'm a member if Paul Revere Lodge in Brockton. If that's not too far for you and you have a good driving record we are looking for drivers at the restaurant I manage. Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  2. wedgeprime

    Greetings from Massachusetts

    Welcome! I am also from Massachusetts. Jr Warden from Paul Revere Lodge in Brockton Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  3. wedgeprime

    On Yonder Book (Full Version)

    Our Lodge does this ritual after the 3rd degree. Each line officer does one verse stepping into the light till all are in the light at the end. It really is a beautiful piece. Sent From My Freemasonry Mobile App
  4. wedgeprime

    The Freemason Movie.

    I saw the trailer last night. It looks interesting. I plan on seeing it. Kind of reminded me if the Lost Symbol to a certain point. My Freemasonry HD
  5. wedgeprime

    My lodge building burned down

    I'm from Quincy but joined a lodge in Brockton. I used to pass that building everyday as a kid and always marvelled at it. I never got to go inside. My prayers as well as those of my lodge brothers are with you and the rest of your lodge. My Freemasonry HD
  6. wedgeprime

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I may pick it up sometime but IV soured the series for me. My Freemasonry HD Pro
  7. wedgeprime

    Brothers on PSN.

    My name is wedgeprime. While I mostly play on the xbox I do play some ps3 only games and Battlefield 3 Freemason Connect HD
  8. wedgeprime


    I play everything. pc, xbox 360, ps3 Wii, and lots of Tabletop games. Name is wedgeprime on both Xbox live and psn Freemason Connect HD
  9. wedgeprime

    Masons on Xbox Live....

    Wedgeprime. I do cod but not that often. Freemason Connect HD
  10. wedgeprime

    Doctor Who. Hope I'm not the only mason who watches it.

    He likes to wear a Fez now too Freemason Connect Mobile
  11. wedgeprime

    Any one in or heard of the 501st Vader's Fist?

    I am not a member but would love to be. I've thought about it but need to get a nice costume first. Freemason Connect Mobile
  12. wedgeprime

    York Rite- Joining the Chapter, Council, Commandery?

    Sure you can. I have brothers who have done exactly that. I also have some who are Jewish who still joined Commandary that would defend the Christian religion if necessary. I guess it would depend on your Commandary and if they would except that. Freemason Connect Mobile