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joe ellis

  1. Joe Ellis

    Autism and Freemasonry by Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis

    My wife wrote an article entitled, Autism and Freemasonry. You might find it interesting reading, as below: AUTISM AND FREEMASONRY You may wonder why the subject of autism is particularly relevant to freemasonry, but it is possible that someone in your own lodge is autistic. 1 in 100 people...
  2. Joe Ellis

    Masonic Greetings & Freemasonry Today Magazine

    Hi All, Masonic Greetings from England. Love to hear from Freemasons that are either recognised by UGLE or, in particular, to those Orders that remain outside the recognition procedures of the UGLE. Here is a link to the Freemasonry Today magazine Spring 2016 issued by the UGLE for those that...