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  1. coachn

    The Craft PERFECTED! Our Masonic Youth

    XII. Our Masonic Youth Are we expecting too much from our youthful Brothers? Research reflects what our nation’s forefathers knew long ago: You cannot expect wisdom to be a principle component of youthful activities. They believed this so strongly that they incorporated this very ideal...
  2. CLewey44

    Masonic Rosicrucianism Paper

    Hello All, I wanted to share this paper I had written a year or two ago. Hope you enjoy and look forward to any discussion.
  3. Matt Ross

    My Journey

    Greetings Brethren! My journey begins in the summer of 2013. I had recently become interested in researching genealogy. At the time, the only interaction I had with the fraternity was through whatever I'd picked up from horribly made History Channel documentaries and internet Anti-Masonic...
  4. Squire Bentley

    Spare Wheel Or Steering Wheel

    Spare Wheel Or Steering Wheel FEBRUARY 9, 2018 BY FRED MILLIKEN LEAVE A COMMENT (EDIT) Perhaps you remember from previous articles Sister R. Lucille Samuel, Grand Princess Captain of the Lone Star Grand Guild, Heroines of the Templars Crusade of Texas, PHA Texas. Well, Sister Samuel has moved...
  5. CLewey44

    'The Elitist Inside'

    I saw this on TMR podcast on Youtube and wanted to share it. Any thoughts?
  6. CLewey44

    For the love of everything holy, should the Republic of Ghana create a GL???

    I am half kidding and half serious, but I think Ghana could use a Masonic GL recognized by the UGLE. It appears they would have no troubles keeping members. Anyone else agree???
  7. JJones

    Masonic Improvement: Creating A Vision And Goals

    My latest blog post is in! I hope everyone enjoys it.
  8. CLewey44

    300th Anniversary of Masonry This is a link to the Masonic Roundtable's page that is hosting an event in honor of the 300th anniversary of Freemasonry. It is supposed to have some great speakers and a fun weekend. Not sure if I'm going or not but any brothers that are in this...
  9. CLewey44

    The Masonic Roundtable on

    Hello brethren, Below is a page on that some of you may be familiar with. These guys do a live weekly roundtable style discussion on all things Masonic. They keep things on the level and ok for the general public. Some of their topics are really good and they have some good insight...
  10. mrm113

    what has masonry done in your life?

    What has masonry done in your life?
  11. Squire Bentley

    Building Free Men

    “ Do men exist who cannot see Past Surfaces? Ritual repeatedly tells us they do. They only Grasp the Superficial Aspects of Life and this includes other males. They cannot See ‘in Depth’, nor do they Seek to See anything other than what is Seen upon the Surfaces when they gaze. They cannot Cross...