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10/26/13: SR 1-Day Reunion, Valley of Dallas (TX)


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Scottish Rite Valley of Dallas will be holding Day 3 of our Fall Reunion on the last Saturday of October (10/26/13), not next saturday (they are usually consecutive Saturdays). I will be shadowing the Evaluation Committee on the balcony, so come say hi.

This is essentialy a One-Day Reunion with rest of the Class joining for the 30th-32nd Degrees. So if you have been thinking of joining this year...this may be your last opportunity! Contact The Valley of Dallas at and mention my name to get a dis ... yeah, no discount and you probably would just get dissed anyway if you mentioned my name. But let me know if you are going so we can meet up.

We will be honoring R:.W:.&Ill:.Jack Hightower, S.G.I.G. Emeritus at lunch. All 32* Masons are welcome to watch our fantastic degree teams on stage with traditional backdrops. As we all know, every time you watch the walk away with new Light you didn't fully grasp before.

Here is a schedule for the day:

The Three Hundred Ninety-Sixth Memorial Reunion, Honoring R:.W:. & Ill:.Bro:. Jack English Hightower, 33*, S.G.I.G. Emeritus, PGM - Day 3: 4th, 14th, 18th, & 30th through the 32nd Degrees.

7:25 - Opening Ceremonies
7:50 - 4th Degree, "Secret Master"
8:40 - 14th Degree, "Perfect Elu"
9:40 - 18th Degree, "Knight of the Rose Croix"
11:05 - 30th Degree, "Knight Kadosh"
12:25 - Lunch: Remembering and Honoring R:.W:. & Ill:.Bro:. Jack English Hightower
13:30 - 31st Degree, "Inspector Inquisitor"
14:55 - 32nd Degree, "Master of the Royal Secret"
16:30 - End of the Three Hundred Ninety-Sixth Valley of Dallas Memorial Reunion
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